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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2015 1:00am-1:31am PST

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algebra didn't stop my peers from their process or getting through the algebra this calculus t is unfounded if the numbers are increased by 16 percent every year but at the same time years ago over the same period of time so what we're doing is scaring everyone and also in one study at our leading universities 75 percent of people go to college. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi, i'm the math department chair i've been teacher at mission and will for 8 years i want to say there's lived to no evidence in accelerating that reduce the classroom if you teach for depth students learn
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the procedural knowledge at myths we've been doing this a couple of years i've seen a wide variety of students from different backgrounds understand what they're learning to a deeper rich curriculum so you can't teach much when your teach with the brought of understanding it is what a real education should look like you vote on the contain core substance if you believe in the testimony of the common place core note allow the testimonies 69 acceleration to persist and do otherwise thank you very much. >> mississippi hi i'm going to read a portion of a letter from another teacher i've been teaching in the district for 11 years it's a huge mistake to place kids out of algebra with
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an as a ninth grader and unfortunately 6 years ago my principle walked into the class and pulled me aside to ask how to change that 35 the off the students were male a population that is not resist of the population of the school it is an issue he and i are burdened when the point out of grouping means integration they're doing something wrong the grouping of students significantly improves the afternoons of all students address such groupings if effect the chouchltd this is a reach from the elementary school for american educational journal thank you very much. next speaker. >> i'm an alumni from sfusd i
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graded from the elementary school i went in as a fresh and saw how rigorous and challenging and how they pushed me now i'm teaching at burton high school and we decided a couple years ago to have all freshmen that came in the school with dbes tree and how much kids learn being together and advance equally hopefully as pa common core it is continuing as planned and take grow try and they'll be on equal footing and not tracked into different places like middle school or hayes valley. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i'm chris collins a parent of two kids at parker my main
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take away about this subject is first of all with further education of parent from the district and from perhaps principles and teachers i think we could get to the core of what we should be arguing about the public system gets arguing that is one of the beautiful things about our system everyone gets a voice in theory and treated equally if we're not arguing about the right thing an educational they are your beertd equipped we'd appreciate if you could help to educate the parents of the city i hear it from other persons 23 they don't understand what a good job they need to know that and a lot of the parent do as well thank you
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so you so iowa's as we wrap up this topic a curriculum meeting on monday 6 clock on the math common core 3 last speakers former superintendent amos brown. >> thank you members of the board i do believe i wrote a book entitled safe age inequality that is happening in the educational system in america because of our having two separate tracks for our students and i will remind you that blacks basically are not on any track and if we put on tracks we 3450u7b9 dump down the
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educational system set high standards if we set the standards and the teachers and parent focus on the time and task eventually our students will measure up let's not create a two-track system that harkens back to the day of equal but separate and never was equal thank you reverend brown. >> next speaker (calling names). >> hello my name is vanessa banks here to give an update on the not our children that friends of kohlman i'm the
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founder to bring on a submit to help the families in san francisco help dismantle the line to prison this is where we're at today give you an update mayor ed lee received his letter on november the second and president obama received his letter on february the 9th i'm in partnership with all my partners which are my that founds to include the magic san francisco police department and the humanity 69 ymca and also my physical sponsored with the san francisco park alliance i know i don't have a lot of time i'll safe the date the submittal is october 10th in sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us young kohlman park if it
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radiance i'll be working with the principle and we'll be hosting at the willie brown school thank you. >> thank you very much next item thank you all for coming out today and for 40 our public comment the next agenda we've completed item k l is special order of business public hearing and adaptation of the items i now call the public hearing to a tentative agreement to the united presence of the united states and canada local 38 unit union of allied workers and shop hands local 66 and national local one hundred four and 377 and the earth metal and glass workers local 17 and
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teamsters local 153 and local 776 and machinist the common craft may i have have month to month. >> mr. superintendant can i ask the director to please present and commend him on the color choices of his tie (laughter). >> thank you. superintendent board are the requested action the board of education of the san francisco unified school district be public hearing and adopt the agreement and the related disclosures documents thank you there are no public speakers ohoh - i'm sorry you have had to submit a card in order to speak pubically on the item comments from the board
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commissioner wynns. >> i want to inform everyone that i'll be abstaining with the conflict of interest my husband is a member of the local 377 and want the members of the board to know that. >> thank you commissioner wynns if there are no further comments roll call vote please. ms. sonata mr. chin ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns abstain. >> abstain on the whole item? the whole item >> okay. thank you same agreement so i have to abstain. >> dr. murase i that's 5 ids your next there is
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a motion and a second for a structural calendar and mr. superintendant commissioner president murase i'd like to ask the deputy to please read this thank you, again superintendent requested action that the board of education adapts the corrected 2015, 2016 structural calendaring can you point out the corrections. >> yes. an error was bring your attention the month of september has 15 not 16 work days on the board minutes so we had to make a change to the calendar thus, the last day of school is may 27 not may 27 relationship. >> thank you very much no
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public speakers questions from the board. >> commissioner wynns. >> let's clarify the new year's not wants day will not be moved new year so the public knows that. >> question commissioners next year we're back to observing the wants day a national holiday yes. >> thank you very much no further comments roll call vote. >> ms. sonata. >> mr. chin ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. mendoza-mcdonnell and ms. wynns and dr. murase it's a 6 i's. >> the committee may be seated on february 8th so review the applicants i'd like to call on simmons for the report and the
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reading of the recommendations from last week's move. >> thank you commissioner president murase so all the members of the board you're aware we have to our appetite to the election commission resigned and we filled the vacancy for the last 5 year term we posted the position and received 3 playgrounds or letters of intent inadequately and also all of you received the information in a document that looked like this though if you weren't a member of the committee the members of the with committee got a black document so and so we on the last wednesday night interviewed the candidates and the committee
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makes the recommendation that we at the board rotate for our selected candidates dominique paris and i don't know if am i required to read - okay so the last photograph the city charter recommended the one member a former appointee resigned may 17, 2015, and the rules committee met on - selected dominique paris to the board appointee we didn't select him this is our recommendation to the board so this special order of
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business if approved will appoint him i am to complete a 5 year term it end 2018 and the members the commission are allowed to serve two consequent term up to 5 years but by the way, is unusual for our appointee should mr. paris serve out as much 7, 8, 9 the 3 years will count as a fuel term more than half arrest term and eligible for another 5 years eligible for 8 years i want to complete the report by saying the committee members were impressed by his acknowledge and commitment to the policy related to elections and to his experience actually has a degree in this area and also himself
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brought of the issue of the issue of registering high school students and that is something we're interested in and certainly ask the commission to focus on tuesday. >> so i understand mr. paris is a here and wildly we would like to invite him to the table if you'd like to sigh a few words. >> hello greetings for those of you who don't know me, i'm dominique paris serving in elections for quite a few years in 3 jurisdictions in two different states i've served in a different capacity between a collect and judge and ride long coordinator and field tech and
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support staff and also i've been employed for h for 15 most with the san mateo election as a coworker my specialtion was through the democracy program all students served and were trained through me it is into part of my goals would actually exclude trying to get every 17 years old to vote in the sfoifkts in the san mateo county it is easily to put everyone into a cold storage file that popped out they don't need to worry about that i don't see any problem giving any student who goes to an modern college i don't think that 18 is the best age of registering to vote when
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you're going off to college i think that gets left in the fold i have two master degrees one, if world political philanthropy and the thesis on next month will be in elections and voting request with the sf policy other goals if i have the money to be electronic pole books and an intellectual butsz during emergencies as a polling station as well as consolidation of our our priblths that are a significant cost savings when it comes to elections so. >> thank you very much. >> on up to questions. >> any i don't want to have a deep discussion we p&z had
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interviews but if there are brief questions or comments. >> so i'll try to give an intriguing question so are you current working at the san mateo division. >> no, i'm working in santa clara county it ended in september of the 2014. >> how long did you work there. >> 15 months. >> what did you do. >> the preliminary capacity was a pole worker trainer but it's a small office, in fact, has the highest number of voters per capital of election officers i did much more. >> is that a full-time position. >> yes. >> saenl adjusted. >> thank you very much mia any other questions or
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comments seeing none, mrs. casco roll call vote please. >> i'll move the recommendations of the rules. >> so. >> i'll second it if you like me, too. >> we need to rely on our own. >> ready ms. sonata mr. chin ms. fewer no mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns that i dr. murase 5 i's congratulations this paris we look forward to your service on the elections commission and look forward to hearing from you
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once a year you're on our service community myths. >> thank you very much next item on the agenda is a m discussion of other educational issues no one and the n the previous items second reading and o vote on the consent calendar that was moved and seconded seconded. >> ms. sonata mr. chin ms. fewer planning ms. mendoza-mcdonnell excuse me. ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase 6 i's thank you very much. next item think on the agenda is consent calendar resolution for the board discussions and immediate action there are non-and item 2 superintendent proposal for
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first reading is there a motion and second to the wellness thoughts policy? thank you very much this will be referred to the rules and budget committee is there a month to month on the authorization to grant on the petition or deny it for the charter >> is there a second. >> move to move. >> second. >> this will be referred to the curriculum and budget committee commissioner, i wanted to mention that sarah was in the audience but i think was gone the only speaker that would have spoken just to acknowledge she was here thank you. >> the next item on the agenda r board members proposal for the first reading in support to
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support and as a graduation requirement authorized that i ms. fewer motion and second for the suspension of the rules. >> second. >> thank you very much roll call vote on the suspension of the rules. >> thank you ms. sonata mr. chin ms. fewer mclaren mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase mr. chin ? okay motion and second for formal introduction of the resolution moved and seconded thank you reading of the reds ms. fewer >> thank you very much in support of sb 172 to spint
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suspend the exit examine whereas it calls for the suspension of the california high school examine and the removal of it as a condition the graduation for the fiscal year 2016-2017 and whereas sb 172 requires the superintendant to create a report that includes a recommendations whether or not to continue the exit examine to assess the academic achievement and whereas the superintendant to give a panel of experts to weigh in on the conditions and whereas when the high school exit examine was approved it was criticized that is upper fair to english learners and students of disability and low income particularly african-american and latino students and whereas the high school exit examine
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unfairly punishes exiting students failed educational systems and the 0 chronic under funded and whereas it takes the research and time and money to prepare and at the time where those resources could be better used for under counterfeiting students and whereas every year the san francisco unified school district must give certificates of completion instead of high school diplomas but have failed one or more exit examines and whereas counterfeiting the results the exit examines that students are being proficient it only tests arts and math whereas brown the california assessment progress that lions to you knew
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standards whereas it is crucial to have a standard in the level of this and whereas this is an opportunity for the state of california to review and evaluate the night and valid of the how exit therefore, be it resolved that the san francisco board of education supports sb if in a letter on behalf of the secretarial to be sent to the california city hall legislators there are no public speakers and comments from the board? commissioner walton >> i do want to comment also related to a lot of the public comments we're heard tonight i hadn't to look at the high school questions from the examine they're really focused
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on traditional in the math portion traditional way of teaching math which the focused on computation i think we're moving in a significant way away from that fngd on problem solving and critical open and teamwork so it is very not what we're will trying to accomplish in the district i want to add that the math common core was developed by a team 6 over one hundred teachers and field tested by field teachers this very rich and deep curriculum that will not be served by the questions on the exit examines so i want to thank ms. fewer. >> commissioner wynns i've never been a supporter and don't know what it is accomplishing it
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seems to be penalize students being a not reliable so thanks for bringing it forward. >> ms. fewer. >> i'd like to note that the san francisco unified school district offers the k to students 5 times in the school sites and the parent get the materials during each tested window the testing time for the arts work for the hours and math 47 hours it is from what my colleagues said it is time to look at another assessment and actually the california high school exiting examine only pertains to california students and public schools noted a private school that's inequality
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in that i'm really glad and want to give credit to our legislators carl 0 oil lou from pasadena for putting this on the document to hopefully vote in favor of. >> any comment from our student delegates. >> thank you commissioner president murase i feel like the examine didn't describe who you or i feel like it was a non-benefit for people that came to our country and state and city because some people are not really good in english i feel like live taking off the test would be a great idea. >> commissioner i was not going to comment but since i of the called i will so
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i think it is kind of great we're taking that off i mean, you have so many tests and you'll see other tests i feel like from students like is they're not fair to being so the the math field or the english field they're calling is art and having to take those test is a waste. >> thank you, mr. superintendant. >> thank you commissioner president murase i want to thank commissioner fewer for introducing f this and the board for strong support we're in a intriel new era of learning the cognitive learning for our students and continuing to administer this is like filling your gas tank with a horsewhip it is miss aligned it is the common c


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